Nightmares at the Door: Illustrator Scott Altmann

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Illustrator Scott Altmann captures the worrisome edges of childhood where fear is more likely a gremlin under your bed than a grimacing bully at your back. Altmann creates unearthly dimensions where the innocence of childhood is seasoned by a heroic sense of duty. His characters are armed with swords and a certain sageness beyond their years as they face fantastical creatures hiding in the eerie mists. Scott’s supernatural sensibility has appropriately appeared on the covers of The Mysterious Mr. Spines series. He has also contributed to the role-playing realms of fantasy with artwork for Wizards of the Coast. Altmann enticingly invites you to explore the fascinating worlds of foreboding with one eye over your shoulder.

Scott Altmann


Written by corvusblue

September 22, 2009 at 5:15 am

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