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11_04_08-DETAILCrowded Teeth is the compellingly cute clothing and accessory line by Michelle Romo distributed by Loungefly and available at many of the Hot Topic stores. Michelle’s creations are crafty wonders that charm with their simplicity of design and underlying sassy expressions. Ms. Romo is currently publishing three books, one which documents her novel dedication to do a project a day for one year to represent her 25 years of age. The 25 Project is not only a creative homage to a lifetime but also a reflection of Michelle’s own artistic evolution. Ms. Romo kindly took the time to discuss Grandmothers, ’50’s kitsch and provide a further look at the 25 Project book.
1) What are your influences?
I think that I am influenced a lot by things from my childhood. My grandparents from Japan usedct_ht to visit me every other summer and bring me a giant box of goodies. So I’ve always really liked cutesy Japanese stuff. And when I was a teenager I really liked anime but I think my work has moved away from that. On the other side of my family – my other Grandma has a lot of kitchy 50’s and 60’s stuff around her house and so I love that style too. My influences are my Grandmas 🙂
My favorite artists right now are Junko Mizuno and Audrey Kawasaki – I’m not sure if they influence my art but they are huge inspirations to me.
2) How did you first get started in graphic design?
When I was 16 my mom brought home a fancy new computer. She was also a designer and so it was loaded with Photoshop and Illustrator. I just started playing with those programs until I learned them. I didn’t go to school – but I kind of wish I did.
3) What advice do you have for people who are just starting to promote their art?
Just put yourself out there! Start a blog and start emailing people!
4) Please tell me a little bit about The 25 Project book.
11_01_08The 25 Project book is a book that I am self publishing and it is based a project I started on my 25th birthday. I was feeling unaccomplished so I decided to do an illustration a day for a year. Each month had a different theme. It got me a fair amount of attention and I feel like I got better at drawing. Even though it was tiring at times I think it was a good thing to do. I have another book coming out that is being published by HOW Books, and it is a cut and fold paper craft book called Papercuts. I think it is coming out sometime in 2010. Since I have been working on the paper craft book the 25 Project book has been put on hold – but that should be available by the end of this year.


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July 6, 2009 at 10:22 pm

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